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REMAX Commercial Property Management Maintenance

Maintenance Request

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Fully Integrated Property Management Services

Our property management capacities are far reaching, incorporating occupant administration and maintenance programs, income upgrade, cost control, protection, upkeep, security and life well-being, incident and environmental management, full-administration bookkeeping, and the management and monitoring of capital projects. We bring order, dependability and top quality service.


Driving positive results in office property management stems from a daily focus on quality care and attention to detail. We work in unison with our own internal leasing team and external real estate brokers to give quality administration which benefits both occupants and owners. This attitude forms the key component of crystallizing maximum value for owners by maintaining the highest level of occupancy and revenue generation in all market cycles.


We secure long term relationships with retail centre occupants. As property managers, we work rapidly and proficiently to determine issues and offer solutions. This prompts positive shopping encounters for clients, less vacancy exposure, and ultimately, stability of revenue and profits for retail centre owners and investors.

Single Unit / Multi-Family

Our commercial property management and leasing expertise provides deep knowledge of local, regional, and national residential and apartment markets, combined with the most recognized brand in real estate to help you find the best integrated strategy to meet your single unit and multi-family investment goals.

By focusing on keeping the highest resident service level and maintenance of our investors single unit and multifamily assets, RE/MAX Commercial Properties property management creates comforting and repeatable positive experiences for residents and measurable value for owners and investors. These proven best practices reduce costs, streamline operations on an ongoing basis and enhance the property cash flow.


Precise, timely, and professional communication is the key to running a condominium corporation. Our diverse team of industry specialists protect you property value by managing your bottom line through extensive planning, budgeting, and cost analysis. Our personalized service and in-depth understanding of condominium management ensures your property is run expertly and efficiently. 


Our property management professionals have vast experience and expertise within the industrial property management sector. To effectively manage industrial properties we focus on working collaboratively with industrial and institutional occupants, enabling the mitigation of industrial property-specific issues well before issues emerge.